Home Emergency Safety Kit

Home Emergencies Safety Kit

Saving lives is the most important thing in an emergency, and the ePOD helps you do just that. It's just a small, barely noticeable all-in-one home safety kit most of the time, but in an emergency, it sure becomes important real fast. Read More

Make sure you have at least one of these ePODs in your home, and make sure everyone in the home knows how to access it and how to use the contents inside. The first aid contents have been selected to give you a wide capability in dealing with minor first aid issues.  It is suggested that you and your family do a First Aid Course to you understand the practical application of the contents of this first aid kit.  If in doubt regarding any medical condition, please call the Ambulance service.

It's obviously best to have as many ePODs in your home as you possibly can, and it's also not a bad idea to also have some in your vehicles and outbuildings, just in case disaster strikes somewhere outside the house.

In fact, having an ePOD in the car could mean the difference between having to pay for a minor repair and having your entire car burnt beyond recognition. Cars catch fire more often than you might think, and that small but mighty fire extinguisher is awesome at taking care of small engine fires before they become big engine fires.

You need an emergency home kit because safety always comes first

You never know just when an emergency is going to strike, and that's why it's an emergency. If emergencies were easy to avoid, we wouldn't have to worry about them.

Having an home emergency kit on hand via your ePOD and knowing how to use it gives you the confidence to deal with a medical emergency and also the means to do so.

It's not going to qualify you as a neurosurgeon, but it may buy you the time you need for Grandpa or your little cousin to hang on until the ambulance arrives. It's really just that simple… saving lives in an emergency is about gaining time to deal with the biggest threats until help can arrive or you can get clear of danger.

You shouldn't wait to buy your home first aid kit and emergency supplies

The right time to take care of this is now. Right now, without a moment's delay. The sooner you install an ePOD in your home, the safer your home will be. It also gives you more time to familiarize yourself with the contents of the ePOD and how to use them, and it is certainly never a bad thing to be as ready as possible.

Affordable firefighting and first aid safety kit supplies

Our ePOD all-in-one home emergency response kit puts the most essential items together in one place for you to deal with the most common emergencies that you will probably face. You can also add some of your own emergency items, like allergy medications or heart pills. Whatever might be needed for that genuine emergency you'll hopefully never have to face but will be ready for if you do have to.

What is the advantage of a home emergency kit?

The simple answer is that when you have at least one ePOD in your home, in an emergency, you are no longer a helpless victim. There are things you can do, and most importantly you know you can do them. This means you can take action to save your own life or the lives of others in an emergency. How cool is that? It's a really great thing knowing that you're prepared and ready.

The biggest risk in many emergency situations is panic and/or mind-freeze. In the case of medical trauma, shock is another big killer, and can do more harm than the injury itself. Knowing you can do something, knowing what to do, and having a plan are all things that help to prevent you freezing, panicking, or going into shock.

When somebody else is injured, you are prepared for managing and hopefully preventing shock, as well as being able to treat immediate serious injury while awaiting rescue or manoeuvring to safety.

The really great thing is that owning more ePODs multiplies your safety because it gives you more access points to the emergency equipment and more options.

What's the most appropriate way to practice using the home safety kit?

Your all-in-one home emergency first aid kit is there to save lives in the event of a real emergency. To be effective in the use of it, you'll need to have some practice going through the motions of getting ready to use it. Dry run practice drills are a great idea for the entire household to be emergency ready.

It's important to not actually deplete your emergency supplies during these practice drills. You should only mime using the equipment for best results. Do study the free training material liberally. It's there to help you and it's full of really good advice.

Finally, always remember to pack away things in the ePOD carefully and neatly. In an emergency, you can't afford to waste precious time rummaging around looking for things. You need to know exactly where the items you need are, and that's why these practice drills are so important.

Is this home first aid kit sufficient to treat every medical emergency?

Unfortunately, it is not really intended as a replacement for proper medical care, and it can't treat every possible condition. It's intended to be used only for things that are immediately "field treatable", as a stop-gap measure while you wait for qualified medical assistance to arrive. Used properly, it will give an injured patient the best chance of survival in comparison to not receiving treatment.

The main thing that makes this not a universal treatment station is that it doesn't contain any major surgical equipment and it doesn't contain any medications. You'll need to add these additional components if they're likely to be necessary for you (e.g. emergency insulin if you're a diabetic, or anti-histamines if you have serious allergies). Performing surgical procedures without training in doing so can result in fatality and therefore is not recommended.

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