ePOD - First Aid Kit - Fire Extinguisher - Fire Blanket Kit

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2 FREE Respiratory P2 Masks in each ePOD


What is the advantage of a home first aid, emergency kit?

The simple answer is that when you have at least one ePOD in your home, in an emergency, you are no longer a helpless victim. There are things you can do, and most importantly you know you can do them. This means you can take action to save your own life or the lives of others in an emergency. How cool is that? It's a really great thing knowing that you're prepared and ready.

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Home First Aid Kit

The biggest risk in many emergency situations is panic and/or mind-freeze. In the case of medical trauma, shock is another big killer, and can do more harm than the injury itself. Knowing you can do something, knowing what to do, and having a plan are all things that help to prevent you freezing, panicking, or going into shock.

When somebody else is injured, you are prepared for managing and hopefully preventing shock, as well as being able to treat immediate serious injury while awaiting rescue or manoeuvring to safety.

The really great thing is that owning more than one home first aid kits multiplies your safety because it gives you more access points to the emergency equipment and more options.

What's The Most Appropriate Way to Practice Using the Home First Aid Kit?

Your all-in-one home emergency response kit is there to save lives in the event of a real emergency. To be effective in the use of it, you'll need to have some practice going through the motions of getting ready to use it. Dry run practice drills are a great idea for the entire household to be emergency ready.

It's important to not actually deplete your emergency supplies during these practice drills. You should only mime using the equipment for best results. Do study the free training material liberally. It's there to help you and it's full of really good advice.

Finally, always remember to pack away things in the ePOD carefully and neatly. In an emergency, you can't afford to waste precious time rummaging around looking for things. You need to know exactly where the items you need are, and that's why these practice drills are so important.

Is This Home First Aid Kit Sufficient to Treat Every Medical Emergency?

Unfortunately, it is not really intended as a replacement for proper medical care, and it can't treat every possible condition. It's intended to be used only for things that are immediately "field treatable", as a stop-gap measure while you wait for qualified medical assistance to arrive. Used properly, it will give an injured patient the best chance of survival in comparison to not receiving treatment.

The main thing that makes this not a universal treatment station is that it doesn't contain any major surgical equipment and it doesn't contain any medications. You'll need to add these additional components if they're likely to be necessary for you (e.g. emergency insulin if you're a diabetic, or anti-histamines if you have serious allergies). Performing surgical procedures without training in doing so can result in fatality and therefore is not recommended.

Contemporary Home Emergency First Aid Kit with Smart Features

Where do you keep the first aid kit in your home? When was the last time you had your fire extinguisher serviced? Do you have a fire blanket mounted, or is it in a cupboard somewhere? The equipment that has the potential to keep our families and us safe in our homes are often scattered throughout the house. There are plenty of people that are organised about such matters, but many people set these things aside and then scramble to find them when an emergency arises.

At dFENCE, our ePOD is the home emergency kit that finally puts an end to that panicked search. Safety in the home should be the number one concern for anyone that takes responsibility for the wellbeing of those that they live with and we believe that it’s high time for the 21st Century to innovate and create a solution that makes life-saving equipment identifiable and immediately accessible as and when it is needed.

Even for those that have little or no experience with any of the aforementioned items, we have taken measures to ensure that there is a simple and smart solution to help you set up and use all of the tools included in your ePOD. Our free app includes a brilliantly engaging 3-Dimensional Augmented Reality instructions feature, which will make it easy for anyone in the home to learn how to properly take action if that time ever arises.

How Our Home First Aid Kit Ensures More Than Just Home Safety

Those that have a home first aid kit most likely purchased it some time ago and have rarely looked at it since, unless something was needed from it. If you are in the fortunate position of having never had to treat an injury or tend to the wounds of a loved one, then the chances are that some or all of the items in your kit are out of date and badly need to be replaced.

With the ePOD, you have the benefit of an app that will remind you when key items need to be replaced. Think about the fire extinguisher in particular. If flames suddenly appeared in your home and your old extinguisher let you down, then your whole house could be compromised and the lives of those within in grave danger. We want you to have a smart system working on your behalf and letting you know when things need to change so that you are best equipped to deal with an emergency.

Using the training features is also a great way to educate your children and others within the home about the need to take safety seriously. The ePOD should be considered a home safety kit and we have designed it to provide an easily accessible single location that anyone can use. What’s more, it is light and so can be carried with ease or taken with you when travelling.

The fact that it takes up little space but provides room for medical essential pertinent to your home only serves to make it even more functional and built with our fast-moving world in mind.

Why a Centralised Location Makes Sense

Having a family first aid kit is one thing, but having a centralised location means that it will quickly become part of the layout of your home. So, in the event that you are not around when something goes wrong, anyone in the house will know exactly where to go to find the first aid kit, fire extinguisher, a fire blanket, torch or the medication that someone in the home requires. 

At dFENCE, we believe that our ePOD makes first responders of everyone in the home. It saves lives and is accessible in a way that emergency response has never been in the home before.

The Versatility of a Household First Aid Kit

Everybody acts differently in a crisis. Some people keep a cool head while others become flustered. In such instances, your ability to react quickly and help in an effective manner can make all the difference. The ePOD was designed with a view to eliminating the need to search for key emergency equipment, including the household first aid kit. Small, portable and compact, it can easily be kept in a central location within the home that is identifiable and known to all.

At dFENCE, we believe that in creating an innovative product that has the potential to save lives, it is essential that it is stocked with everything required to tend to the basic needs of those facing emergency circumstances. If you have young kids in the house and regularly entertain their friends, then you will fully appreciate just how frequently accidents can happen.

Not all emergency situations call for the assistance of emergency services. However, in order to have the means of protecting you, your family and anyone else who requires assistance while in your home, the ePOD is a wonderful product that affords you the capacity to make a real difference in a moment of crisis. The first aid kit found in the ePOD has 57 pieces, including everything you need to provide basic first aid care.

Benefits of a Well-Stocked Household First Aid Kit

After having a child, every parent quickly becomes sensitive to the many obstacles in their home that could pose a threat to their little ones. However, no matter how much care you take, kids will always think of ways to interpret the world around them that can and often do lead to accidents. Your ability to help by giving them basic first aid care before medical help arrives spares them and you a certain amount of stress.

Cuts and open wounds are a challenge to deal with, but with a well-stocked first aid kit at your disposal, you can reduce the severity of the injury. Your capacity to react quickly and tend to the injury makes a huge difference. This can also help to reduce the risk of infection and, therefore, potentially save lives. What’s more, a speedy reaction can also reduce the recovery time required by the victim in the aftermath.

Nobody likes to see blood, particularly when a loved one is injured. With your first aid kit, you can stem the bleeding effectively and reduce the amount of blood loss. The, obviously, is a very important part of ensuring the wellbeing of the injured party. Clotting a wound quickly also buys them a lot of time. It can help them to remain calm and conscious while you wait for medical assistance.

The presence of a well-maintained first aid kit can make a big difference to the emergency services, should you require their assistance and provide them with the support that could prove lifesaving.

Have Confidence in Your Home First Aid Kit

Here at dFENCE, we feel that it is one thing to acquire a home first aid kit and quite something else to keep it in date. Many homes put away the kit until it is required, which can be months or even more, which means that the risk of your supplies being in date is much lower should you suddenly need to use it.

ePOD is a smart system. Our free app will provide reminders when the time comes to restock any or all of the equipment contained within. This ensures that in a crisis situation, regardless of whether you can remain calm or are stressed, you can have confidence in the fact that the supplies in your first aid kit are ready to deliver effective medical care.

dFENCE is Australia's ultimate supplier of home, survival first aid kits. The first aid box contains a fire extinguisher & fire blanket - great for fire prevention! Give us a call today to learn more about the first aid kit contents or browse our online store.

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