Fire Blanket Kit


Fire Blanket Safety Kit for Home

The ePOD is a home emergency management system containing a storage pouch, LED torch, first aid kit, and firefighting equipment, all stored in a compact and stylish pod-shaped container. Read More

The Stand-Out Fire Safety Kit That Contains Fire Blankets for Home Use

It's rare to find a kit that contains everything you need include everything you might need, including a fire blanket. Certainly, a fire blanket is one of the most useful, easy and practical items that can help you quickly control a small fire outbreak before it has the opportunity to become serious, and that's why it's such a good idea to have this on hand.

More Than Just a Fire Blanket Kit

Of course, the other thing that makes ePOD great is that it doesn't rely on a single component to get the job done. You have other items in there that can be just as important as the fire blanket. Having more options for what you can do in an emergency is always good.

Our Fire Extinguisher Covers Flames a Fire Blanket Can't Reach

If the blaze has reached a point where you can't get close enough to put it out with a fire blanket, the fire extinguisher in your ePOD can help you get the job done. It's light and compact enough for a child to handle but still holds a powerful high-volume charge. The secret is that the foam expands as it's released, allowing far more coverage than appearances would suggest is possible.

We designed it that way so any member of a family over the age of 2 years can operate it in an emergency. The thing to keep in mind is that when the situation is critical, there is no time to stop and wait for a bigger person to arrive. A fire must be brought under control as quickly as possible to prevent it growing.

Every Fire Blanket Safety Component Is Important

Emergencies come in different forms, and you need to be ready for anything. The family that survives is the family that can calmly react in an appropriate way to the situation that is confronting them. What kills people is usually panic and a lack of planning.

Preparing your family in advance to be emergency-ready is the best thing you can do, apart from making sure you have the equipment on hand for dealing with the situation. To do this, you will need to:

  • Buy some ePOD all-in-one home emergency response kits. They will save lives.
  • Make sure everyone in the home knows where the ePOD is located and hold regular practice drills. You can even make these drills fun by competing to see who can be first to reach the pod.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to operate the emergency equipment. There is free training available via the ePOD app (compatible with Android and iOS devices).
  • Keep your ePOD in good condition and keep the path to it clear. When more than one person is in the vicinity of the ePOD, the most able-bodied person should take charge, but never wait for others to arrive before taking action.
  • Teach that staying safe is the highest priority. Some emergencies are easily manageable if dealt with quickly enough, but in other cases, it's essential to focus on getting everyone to safety. All the items in your ePOD can assist, but you need to use them properly. Let your insurance company worry about the costs, because furnishings and knick-knacks can be replaced, but people can't.

The Fire Blanket Kit That Delivers More

Fire in the home is something that always brings about a shock and an inevitable knee-jerk reaction to try and quench it before it spreads. While the items closest to you may seem like your only option, it is always worth considering what you are about to add to the flames and whether that could make matters better or worse.

Here at dFENCE, our ePOD fire blanket kit has been designed with a view to creating a single, centralised point in your home that all those that live there know to turn to in the case of an emergency. The ePOD is a global market first product and one that offers a contemporary stylish design that can be mounted using the mounting plate provided almost anywhere in the home.

Reaching for a towel or a glass of water could do more harm than good when a fire breaks out. However, once you have the ePOD in your home, you will immediately have access to a 1 metre by 1 metre, glass fibre, high-performance fire blanket that is ideal for putting out cooking and clothing fires.

This fire blanket is certified to AS/NZS 3504 and, as with all other equipment in the ePOD, it is of high quality and can be relied on for the purposes it serves.

How You Can Become a First Responder in Your Own Home

Plenty of workplaces offer fire safety training to their staff so that whenever emergencies arise, they have competent people in place to help shepherd the others to safety. As such, it is possible that some of our customers will have experience and understanding when it comes to using fire blankets, whether they are for home purposes or not.

However, for those with little or no experience, don’t worry. At dFENCE, we have a free app ready to download for iPhone and Android users, which includes state of the art 3-Dimensional Augmented Reality instructions, which will guide you through the setup and how to use the items within the ePOD case.

Safety in the home is the responsibility of everyone. As such, if you are the homeowner or a parent or adult, securing an ePOD for your property is a great way to share the responsibility with all others.

Forget about leaving it to one person to remember where the fire blanket is kept or how to use it, instead, allow our app to help you teach others how to take care of the home when you’re not around. It’s a simple means to becoming and creating first responders in your own home.

Our Fire Blanket Kit Is A One of a Kind, Unique Solution

At dFENCE, we were surprised to learn that there is no other product like the ePOD on the market. We are the first to create a fire blanket kit that also incorporates a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and mini LED torch all in the one location.

The ePOD was designed for 21st Century living and built to save lives. What’s more, it offers superior value for money, too. Afterpay and Zip are available as payment options for those that wish to spread the cost over time, and our app will provide you with reminders as and when essential items included need to be replaced.

As such, at dFENCE, we believe that the ePOD is the ultimate means to creating a more secure and safe home environment, and one that empowers all those that live there to learn and take appropriate action should the need ever arise.

Where to Mount Your New ePOD

Once your new ePOD arrives, the question you will inevitably seek to answer is where you should mount or store it. While this safety pod affords you the means of dealing with a number of different emergencies that could arise in the home, finding the best possible place is something worth giving due consideration to. When you buy a fire blanket, the answer is a lot more straightforward. However, here at dFENCE, we believe that the answer to the question should not be the task of one person in the home to come up with.

We think that if you share your property with others, regardless of whether this means your children, elderly family members, or both, gaining their point of view on the matter is a great idea. While you consider some places in the home ideal, they will quickly demonstrate just how inaccessible they possibly are to them.

The ePOD is designed for use by anyone in the home with the capability to respond when an emergency occurs. Those who are considered responsible adults in the home are not always present, so it stands to reason that you take advantage of the superior technology the ePOD affords you and empower everyone that could make a difference.

The key takeaway here is that your ePOD is a tool that can save lives and, therefore, should be kept, mounted or stored somewhere that everyone in the home can quickly access.

Why Being Prepared Matters in the Aftermath of a Fire

At dFENCE, we have seen our share of household fires. Like you, when we went to the store to buy a fire blanket for the first time, we had a limited understanding of how to use it. We learned quite a lot after the first outbreak of fire and suddenly appreciated the need for a single location for all emergency response tools.

The ePOD was born from a desire to create that single location solution for homes throughout Australia. With it, you have the capability of dealing with fire, be that through the use of the fire extinguisher or the fire blanket. However, in the aftermath of an emergency is often where the ePOD shows its true added value.

Accidents happen and sometimes the process of putting out a fire results in burns. This is a stressful situation for anyone to find themselves in, but with the ePOD, you have a first aid kit that is TGA approved and equipped with 57 pieces ready to use. Those initial moments after a burn are crucial and so, if you have the possibility of tending to the injury it can help settle the affected party and bring about badly needed relief.

The Smart Approach to Home Safety

As a fire safety kit, the ePOD is highly effective. But it is also a worthy addition to the home that empowers you to become a first responder and make a very real difference in terms of the work that emergency services must do when they arrive.

At dFENCE, we believe in smart solutions for the modern world. That’s why when you think you need to buy a fire blanket or any other safety items, the ePOD is a much more effective choice. The free augmented reality app that comes as standard will instruct you or anyone else how to use each item. What’s more, it will notify when replacements are required, so that you always have a reliable and trustworthy safety kit ready to deploy in the home.

dFENCE is Australia's ultimate supplier of home, survival first aid kits. The first aid box contains a fire extinguisher & fire blanket - great for fire prevention! Give us a call today to learn more about the first aid kit contents or browse our online store.

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