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Fire Prevention Kits & Safety Equipment for Home

Some things the majority of people take for granted as the way that things are done. Familiarity typically leads to complacency and when it comes to products that can have a direct bearing on our security and safety, this can lead to assumptions that the widely accepted solutions on the market offer the best standard available. However, when it comes to the fire safety kit in your home, wouldn’t you prefer that the best of smart technology could empower you to maintain its effectiveness and to create a space for it that is immediately accessible and identifiable to all in the home? Read More

A Fire Prevention & Safety Kits for 21st Century Homes

Here at dFENCE, we think that advancing how fire safety is treated in the home is essential. Too many people buy individual extinguishers and fire blankets and first aid kits and then store them away somewhere that doesn’t obstruct their ability to enjoy their home. The problem here is that when something does go wrong, we scramble to remember exactly where we put them, but may find that when we try to use them, they are no longer up to scratch.

To combat this, we created the ePOD, one of a kind solution that houses all the basic equipment required to respond effectively to basic household emergencies. Our goal is for the Australian public to mount an ePOD in their home or take it with them wherever they go so that they can effectively become the first responder to an emergency that threatens their property and could save the lives of those they love.

What is Included in the ePOD?

When we began to design the ePOD, we carefully considered what would be needed to ensure that it delivered the ultimate fire safety equipment for the home in one compact, stylish case. The objective was not only to make this product possible but to do so without sacrificing quality and by sourcing safety equipment that met the highest standards.

As such, within the contemporary, slick design that we settled upon, we were able to create space to comfortably equip it with the following items:

  • A fire blanket
    • This is a high-performance blanket that is made from glass fibre and is 1 square metre in size. It is perfect for addressing cooking and clothing fires, and it is certified to AS/NZS 3504.
  • A compact aerosol fire extinguisher
    • Perfect for small solid fuel flammable and electrical fires. It is made in Australia, easy to use and complies with Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 1850)
  • A first aid kit
    • 57 pieces are included offering a fully stocked kit that provides basic first aid care. You can trust that it is also TGA approved.
  • Mini LED Torch
    • Ideal for signalling for help or navigating in the dark during power outages. It is equipped with a convenient carry strap and comes with 3 AAA batteries included.
  • Removable Velcro Mesh Bag
    • For any pertinent medical items that you wish to personalise your POD with.

An App That Does More

Beyond the contents of our fire prevention kits, our customers also receive a mounting plate and screws so that they can place it wherever makes for the most accessible position in the home. Furthermore, we also make an app free to download which allows you to view emergency training videos and to use the 3-Dimensional Augmented Reality feature to help you set up and learn how to use the essential items within.

The ePOD is a step forward for kitchen fire safety kits and an all-in-one solution for those that want to ensure that the lifesaving tools they need are readily available and close to hand as and when they are needed. Secure yours right here in our online store today.

Whose Responsibility is Fire Safety in the Home?

No two homes are exactly the same. Whether that is with regards to the number of people that occupy the space or in terms of the median age. One thing that holds true for all of those fortunate to have a home to call their own, or a place to live in relative comfort, is that they fear the possibility of it being compromised by some unforeseen event.

The presence of an ePOD safety kit is one way to improve the chances of negating any emergency when it arises. However, if you think about your own home, who takes responsibility for understanding how to use the fire extinguisher, or fire blanket, or knows how to use the first aid kit? Here at dFENCE, we believe that the answer to that question isn’t just you, but should be every one that lives there.

Naturally, plenty of people will state that they have never had the opportunity to engage with a first aid course, for example. Well, that all changes now. With your brand new ePOD, the augmented reality app that you can download completely free of charge will demonstrate how you or anyone else who is capable can use each of the life-saving items housed within its compact frame.

Safety in the home, or on the road is something that we all need to take responsibility for. With the ePOD, we offer you the chance to empower those in your home through simple and effective instructions delivered on our app.

The Best Place to Store Your New Fire Prevention Equipment

We live in a busy world and so there are many homes where responsible teens look out for their younger siblings while their parents commute home from work. As a parent, you might feel that safety in the home falls squarely on your shoulders. However, in unavoidable instances, it is important that you have confidence in the abilities of those in the home to address an emergency without risking their lives in your absence.

A fire safety blanket is a simple and effective tool that can put out a fire in seconds. However, they are usually attached high up on the wall. In instances where someone smaller needs to access it, the ePOD is the perfect solution. It comes ready to mount on the wall, on the back of a door, or anywhere else in the home that you believe affords those that live there the greatest access to it.

Those initial seconds matter in an emergency and so with a single dedicated place in your home that all members of the family recognise, finding the right tool for the job is made much easier. As such, given that each home has its own unique order, there is no one best place to store your ePOD. The smart move is to put it somewhere that is visible and easy to retrieve.

How the Fire Safety Kit Saves Lives in a Sudden Emergency

Here at dFENCE, we have seen countless different locations used in the home for the many different items contained in our simple, compact and easy to use ePOD. The frustration that is felt when an item is not where you expect it to be can heighten an already stressful situation. However, with the ePOD, you have a single location that holds the means of addressing fire and first aid needs in the home.

You also have the ability to use the removable pouch to keep medicines and anything else required by family members. This saves precious seconds when they suddenly need assistance and having ease of access to the remedy can take the pressure off and bring calm back to the home.

The ePOD from the team here at dFENCE is a safety kit unlike any other. Improve the safety standards in your home and empower your whole family to become first responders today.

dFENCE is Australia's ultimate supplier of home, survival first aid kits. The first aid box contains a fire extinguisher & fire blanket - great for fire prevention! Give us a call today to learn more about the first aid kit contents or browse our online store.

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