• Why do I need an ePOD? icon

    The ePOD solves one major issue - all your emergency needs are in one location in an easy to use POD. No longer are time critical-items spread throughout your house, garage, caravan, boat, car and apartment. They reside in one location in a portable unit specifically designed to fit into your home. The stylish and contemporary design ensures that you're professionally prepared to Save the Lives of those in your care.

  • What’s in the ePOD? icon

    Each ePOD contains the necessary emergency equipment that is needed in the case of a residential emergency. The ePOD contains the following;

    • The contemporary, designed plastic ePOD along with a backing plate for easy wall-mounting if desired
    • A 500 gram powerful Aerosol Fire Extinguisher suitable for wood, paper, petrol, oil, diesel and electrical fires
    • A 1m x 1m Fire Blanket
    • A 57 piece First Aid Kit
    • A LED Torch
    • A detachable Mesh Bag for personalisation of emergency medicines or other items you believe you may need
    • Free dFENCE ePOD App for Emergency Contact Capability and Augmented Reality Training Instructions
  • How big is the ePOD? icon

    The ePOD is specifically designed to be portable and of a size that can fit almost anywhere.
    The ePOD is 370mm in height, 275mm long and 130mm wide.
    It weighs only 3.92kgs and is the perfect size, just big enough to fit all essential emergency equipments.

  • Where can I put my ePOD? icon

    The ePOD is designed to be able to be mounted, using the supplied backing mount plate on a wall, behind a door or inside a cupboard. Alternatively, you can place the ePOD on a shelf, on a bench or a desk top.

    You should always ensure that your ePOD is mounted or placed in a location that is easily accessible and all members of your household know where it's located.

  • How do I purchase an ePOD? icon

    You can purchase this stylish, contemporary ePOD innovation here on our secure dFENCE ePOD website.

  • Do I get a discount for purchasing large numbers of ePODs? icon

    If you’re an apartment or property developer, or want to buy all your corporate staff the ultimate gift of safety, or just want an ePOD for all your friends and family and require over 50 ePODs, please contact for further information.

  • What happens if I use the stuff in my ePOD? icon

    If you find that you've used up the contents of your ePOD , you can simply purchase replacement stock individually on our dFENCE ePOD website and we will ship it to you straight away so that you're prepared for any emergency situation again.

    We would also love to hear from you if you ever use your ePOD and how it helped you with our core mission- “Saving Lives”. Simply send us an email at  telling us your story.

  • What does the ePOD App do? icon

    The dFENCE ePOD App is specifically designed to help you and your family members with the set-up and on-boarding of your new ePOD.  

    When you purchase your ePOD, download the free dFENCE ePOD App from the relevant App store to your phone – either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Make sure your register your contact details so that we can send you a reminder when your item(s)' expiry dates are near.     The App also allows you to set a number of emergency recipient groups or contacts to receive mass text messages should you need to contact a lot of people at once with free-flow text or a predetermined message.  

    The App also features some contemporary, state-of-the-art Augmented Reality Training on how to set up and use your ePOD contents. All you have to do is hover your phone over the icons on the front of your ePOD to activate the training, or press the icon's button on your App to access and experience the Augmented Reality Instructions. This makes it a really fun, immersive and interactive way to train all your household members on what the ePOD is and how to use each essential emergency item with easy to use 3D Augmented Reality instructions.

  • What’s the ePOD Augmented Reality Training look like? icon

    In a world first for residential emergency products, dFENCE ePOD uses state of the art Augmented Reality to help you use the ePOD and its contents. With our Augmented Reality partners Bswarm ( - these guys are the uber geeks of Augmented Reality), we have designed an easy-to-use interaction with the icons on the front of the ePOD that activates the training. Or, you could simply just press the icon in your App to experience it.

    Here’s a quick preview of what the training looks like:

  • Where do I find your terms and conditions? icon

    The dFENCE ePOD Terms and Conditions are contained in the dFENCE ePOD website so you can refer to them at any time – click here. dFENCE ePOD reserves the rights to update and change them at any time.

  • Who is dFENCE? icon

    dFENCE is a company established with the sole purpose of developing products that Save Lives - that’s why our brand promise is “Saving Lives". Our mission is to ensure that you and your family members are safe and prepared for any emergency situation. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds in Policing, Charity Management, Marketing and Finance. Our small, passionate and dedicated team care about our products and we strive to invent and release only the most practical and relevant products to achieve our Mission. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have an idea that you think will Saves Lives at

  • How do I get in touch with you if I have an issue or enquiry? icon

    You can get in touch with the dFENCE ePOD team by emailing and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Where can I put my ePOD? icon

    Your ePOD is made of high quality plastic that not only looks fantastic but is strong, durable and stable. However, like all plastic products, they are susceptible to prolonged weather and the long-term effects of direct sunlight. Your ePOD is designed for indoor use and should be mounted or placed out of direct sunlight to ensure as long a life as possible and too preserve its aesthetic good looks. Colour change due to fading is a natural and expected. Over time, most colours will slightly fade or lose their intensity to a varying degree, depending upon how much exposure to harsh atmospheric conditions takes place during the life of the product.

    At Dfence, we have ensured the materials are of the highest quality and are recyclable.

    The ePOD is best mounted upright or placed on a bench or table top upright.