Survival First Aid Kit


Survival First Aid Kit for an Emergency Response

The ePOD is a compact, stylish, pod-like capsule containing various supplies intended to boost the chance of survival and escape during a home emergency situation. These can also be used in vehicles and in the workplace. If also used paired with a dFENCE defibrillator unit, you will have the closest thing to a small-scale universal emergency management system. Read More

The ePOD can be wall mounted, stored on a shelf, or carried in your vehicle. For best results, it's ideal to have multiple ePODs installed at various points around the home, but even starting with only one will make your home a lot safer than if you have no protection at all.

Is your home protected by a survival first aid kit for emergency response?

It should be. Fire and medical traumas are the most likely life-threatening situations that can expose your family to danger. It's a sensible precaution to add safety items such as the ePOD from dFENCE that contain essential supplies to help you do a better job of surviving and protecting those you care about.

What comes with the survival first aid kit?

The ePOD contains essential items such as a survival first aid kit, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, LED torch and storage pouch. You may be wondering just how that storage pouch could be helpful in an emergency and the simple answer is that it can be used to hold all the things that don't come in the ePOD as standard but which might be immensely important to the survival of someone in your own unique household.

We're talking here about things like emergency insulin, antihistamines, EpiPens, heart attack pills, and all the various other medical supplies that not everyone needs but which may be absolutely essential for some people.

One other thing that comes with the ePod is our ePOD app (compatible with Android and iOS devices), which provides free emergency training along with other useful features such as batch messaging of your contacts to alert them by SMS that you're in trouble and need help.

How to be sure the survival first aid kit does the job in emergency situations?

Panic, disorder, and shock are the biggest killers in an emergency. If you can avoid those things, the chance of survival is greatly magnified. The more often you train and practice for an emergency, the more likely it is you'll be able to remain calm and in control. This will definitely make everyone a lot safer because it eliminates the main threats right from the start.

The first obvious step is to make sure everyone knows you have an ePOD, what it's for, and where it's located. Then use the free training provided to learn how to properly use the equipment inside. After that, it's an excellent idea to hold regular practice drills, so everyone knows almost by reflex how to get quickly and safely to the ePOD location.

Part of this practice should also include knowing if it's actually necessary to make it to the ePOD location. You can determine this by making it part of your practice for people to consistently call their name and location as they move through the house to either an exit point of the ePOD location. If everyone is closer to an exit than to the ePOD, it's normally the smartest thing to exit. Just make sure everyone is safe before you do.

If you have any doubts as to the location or safety of anyone, then you will need the items in the ePOD to buy the extra time needed to verify their safety. Then it's just a matter of waiting for help to arrive. If you've set up your ePOD app correctly, they may be just a matter of minutes.

A Survival First Aid Kit Unlike Any Other

Anyone that believes in home safety has likely experienced that feeling you get when the first aid kit you know you have is nowhere to be found and with each passing second, the person that requires help continues to feel pain. This is a horrible situation, particularly when the injured party is a loved one, and the likely response, once things have settled, is to make a decision to keep your emergency essentials in a dedicated place from now on.

At dFENCE, we believe that when it comes to safety and survival your first aid kit is one of the most important tools at your disposal and needs to be immediately accessible and its location is known and identifiable to all in the home. As such, our innovative one of a kind ePOD is the solution that homeowners all around the world have been looking for but until now have been unable to find.

The ePOD provides a single, easily accessible locations for the emergency essentials required to protect you, your family and even your home. When it comes to safety, you need to know that the products you purchase are of high quality. Rest assured, that the fire blanket, aerosol fire extinguisher, first aid kit and torch have met the approval standards of the governing bodies, where applicable.

Where to Store Your Survival First Aid Kit

When we started to design the ePOD, we knew that it was important to create a housing system that was easy to use, quickly identifiable, small enough so it could be stored in many places and light enough so that as many users as possible could use it.

This emergency response kit is only 3.92kgs in weight and is designed to be portable. As such, this gives those that have an ePOD a wealth of choice in terms of where they will store it, mount it or bring it. We include a mounting plate and screws with each ePOD, so you have the option to mount it on the rear of a door or anywhere else in the home that makes the most sense to you.

What’s more, given that it is portable, you will appreciate the fact that you now have a kit that is ready to take on the road while you vacation. The presence of a Velcro mesh bag within enables you to personalise your ePOD with medications or medical items that are required by those in your family, such as inhalers or insulin pens.

At dFENCE, we believe that the ePOD empowers those that take responsibility for the safety of their family to become first responders in their own home, or wherever they travel with their handy emergency first aid kit.

When Time is of the Essence

You know that time is of the essence when an accident happens and having the means to make a real difference and eliminate the threat or treat an injury is invaluable. Regardless of whether you have any experience with the equipment that we include in your ePOD, our free to download app includes state of the art 3-D augmented reality instructions and training on how to set it up and use the tools you now have at your disposal.

At dFENCE, we want families to have high-quality tools at the ready and instantly accessible when the need arises to take action and potentially save lives. The ePOD is a survival first aid kit that is designed for the smart world we live in and equipped with the essential items that give you a greater sense of security and protect the lives of those you love most. Buy your ePOD right here today.

dFENCE is Australia's ultimate supplier of home, survival first aid kits. The first aid box contains a fire extinguisher & fire blanket - great for fire prevention! Give us a call today to learn more about the first aid kit contents or browse our online store.

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