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Home Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit with Fire Blanket

The ePOD from dFENCE is a home emergency management system containing a storage pouch, flashlight, fire blanket, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. These items are the essentials that will allow you to improve the odds in a home emergency situation, or indeed just about any emergency situation. Read More

For handling the outbreak of a small fire and helping to prevent it becoming a bigger one, there is the fire extinguisher and fire blanket kit, which can be used either to douse the fire (if possible) or to at least gain extra time to get to an exit. Each of these items works on the same principle, starving the fire of oxygen, but they do it in different ways.

Get Your Home Ready for Emergencies With a Fire Blanket, Extinguisher and First Aid Kit

The fire blanket is best for small spot fires that can be easily approached and smothered by placing the blanket directly on top of them (it's a less good idea to "beat" the fire with the blanket, as this can actually fan the flames and make them bigger). Some fire situations are not safe to approach that way, which is where the fire extinguisher can be of help.

Using a fire extinguisher allows you to smother flames from a distance, but unlike a fire blanket, the fire extinguisher will eventually run out of charge and at that point, it stops being effective.

Good strategic management of the fire extinguisher and blanket kit will allow you to achieve maximum firefighting capability, using each resource where most appropriate.

Packaging a First Aid Kit With a Fire Extinguisher Kit Means Better Safety

Because of the way we've designed this product, you can resolve emergency situations of different kinds from a single place, which is good because it often happens that more than one kind of emergency can happen at a time.

This way your family can prepare and be ready for scenarios we hope they'll never have to face. Just in case such a scenario does come to pass, it's good to know they won't just be standing around waiting to be added to the list of victims. They'll be taking action and doing things to ensure their mutual survival.

Having more ePODs in the home is always a good idea. If you have a few of them at various points, it's much easier for family members to access the closest one in an emergency. It also creates the possibility of more than one responder to the emergency event, which multiplies the potential effectiveness in mitigating the threat.

More Is Possible With The Fire Blanket and First Aid Kit

There are additional accessories included with the ePOD. All ePODs come with the ePOD app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It has many features including safety tutorials and the ability to send mass SMS messages to alert your contacts that you have an SOS situation. There's also an LED torch to help you find your way in the dark, and storage for additional items.

One optional additional item that won't fit in the ePOD with all the other items is a dFENCE ePOD defibrillator system. Our most sophisticated model can operate in semi-automatic mode and not only attempts to restart a stopped heart but can also detect how successful the effort is and make or recommend adjustments.

Having all the components means you can handle many different kinds of emergencies that may arise, and it's a great feeling knowing that you've done as much as possible to make your home the safe and impenetrable castle it is meant to be.

Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit All-in-One Solution

Home safety is something that we all take seriously. Your home is the biggest personal investment you are likely to ever make and so protecting it, and those that live within it is a matter that everyone should take into consideration. Having a fire alarm and smoke detector is fine, but what do you do in the event of a fire? The alarm won’t put it out, so having a fire extinguisher and first aid kit close to hand is the ideal way to bolster your alarms with equipment that can put an end to the drama.

At dFENCE, we are pleased to introduce the ePOD to those that believe in furnishing their homes with high-quality products that are reliable, trustworthy and offer a smart solution to a response system that has been out-dated for some time. The ePOD offers a single accessible location for all your emergency needs, and within its compact design, you will find both a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.

We have also developed an app to make it easy for those in the home to learn how to set up and use the essential equipment within, via 3-D augmented reality learning. Furthermore, those that appreciate the need to service and replace key items will be pleased to learn that the app will remind you as and when the time has arrived for action to be taken.

How An ePOD Makes a Difference When Every Second Counts

We live in a world that is continually flooded with new innovations and technology that is designed to make our lives easier. At dFENCE, we believe that the tools that are available for use are effective and the best possible options currently available widely to the public. The problem that we have identified is that in most houses when the time comes to grab the home fire extinguisher few people actually know where to find it.

As such, with the ePOD, we include a mounting plate and screws so that each customer can mount it in a place that is immediately accessible and reachable by all those living on the premises. Once in position, it will quickly be recognised and, should anyone find themselves in an emergency situation, they will know exactly where to go to find the fire extinguisher and blanket kit.

A common misconception about fire is that the flames are what kill people. The truth is that smoke is really the thing that leads to death through inhalation. As such, in the event of a fire breaking out, every single second that passes increases the potential for more smoke to pass through the building and reach others. With the ePOD, the equipment needed to tend to a sudden fire in the home is close to hand.

What’s more, given that the app includes training videos, it is much easier to gain the confidence needed to take appropriate action should it be required.

The Capacity to Personalise

At dFENCE, we didn’t want to just create a fire extinguisher kit. As such, the ePOD includes a Mini LED torch, a fire blanket and a removable Velcro mesh bag, which can be personalised to incorporate any medical items that are used or often required by those in your own household.

Having a first aid kit with the fire extinguisher essentially empowers users to become first responders. Knowing that quality equipment is ready to use in a central location offers peace of mind and just may prove to be the difference that results in your saving a life.

dFENCE is Australia's ultimate supplier of home, survival first aid kits. The first aid box contains a fire extinguisher & fire blanket - great for fire prevention! Give us a call today to learn more about the first aid kit contents or browse our online store.

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